The Perfect Banting Breakfast

Biltong is our famous and most delicious South African tradition and is one of those things that everyone has their own opinion of. Some like it wet and fatty, others prefer it to have lots of pepper and coriander whereas some like it dry and lean and some rather just have it at a much tantalizing spiciness. Creating your very own home made biltong has become a very popular amongst those meaty lovers. Once prepared biltong is the perfect banting breakfast especially if you are short on time.


There are some added benefits when it comes to making your very own biltong.

You will be saving loads of money as biltong is very expensive if bought at your local biltong shop.

Making your own biltong you will be catering to your very own enjoyment.

The texture of the biltong is left to your own likes. Making biltong may be an easy task but there is much needed attention that goes into making that mouth-wateringly delicious biltong.

To begin with you would need to invest in a good biltong maker the reason for this is simply because a biltong maker dries the meat quickly and most important the process you are undertaking is prepared in a very hygienic manner.

Biltong can be made from if the type of meat but remembers if the grade of meat is good then you will get even better biltong. The spicing of meat is left entirely up to you taste buds, either meat can be soaked in brine or dry spices can be used.

The slicing of biltong

The most important part is the slicing of the biltong, especially if you using a biltong maker. As biltong makers are designed for hanging thinly sliced pieces of meat. Note if the meat is very thick the drying process takes up more time. Always use a sharp carving knife when slicing the meat.

The drying process of biltong

Never hand dripping and wet meat because it will attract flies.

It is in your best interest to use the hooks to hang meat that comes with your biltong maker.


The thickest part of meat should always be situated on the top when drying out meat.

Never let the meat to touch side of the machine and the meat should not touch each other.

Make sure the cover of the biltong maker is always fitted back after you hang up meat to avoid flies and insects settling on the drying meat.

Storage of biltong

When your biltong is ready make sure it is consumed within a week as you will be getting the best benefit of you homemade biltong in terms of taste and texture.

Biltong can be stored in a refrigerator.

When biltong is ready you can leave it in the machine or if you prefer to keep biltong for long periods of time the store in an airtight freezer bag and you can freeze your biltong for up to three months.

Take note

Very important that you are aware of flies, as they contaminate meat.

And there we have it. Its best to prepare biltong in bulk so you can have a unlimited supply of banting diet meals.

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