Men who have elevated blood sugar are more interested in their health than previously believed but need basic information about how to control high blood sugar, avoiding diabetic complications and other components of controlling diabetes, according to results of a recent survey by the American Diabetes Association (ADA). The survey was chronicled on the Dentistry For Diabetics blog.

Few Stick to Diets for Diabetes

Less than a third of men who have high diabetes sugar levels feel they know a lot about the disease, the survey shows. Nearly 12 million American men have been diagnosed with diabetes, which means that about eight million of them have inadequate information. Another potentially alarming finding is that only 25 percent say they stick to a diabetes control diet, which could contribute to difficulties with managing diabetes.

Survey results show that more than a third of men who have diabetes have had at least four symptoms of low testosterone levels, a common co-occurrence with high blood glucose in men. Yet, two-thirds of this high-risk group acknowledge that they know little or nothing about the condition and its implications for their health.

Men Want More Information on Diabetes

But the survey also indicates that men would be more compliant with type 2 diabetes treatment – if they knew how. Fully 60 percent of those surveyed said they could better manage their diabetes blood sugar levels if they had more information. Similarly, nearly two-thirds of men said they would also be able to use that information to communicate better with their health care team about things they could do to control type 2 diabetes.

Many observers see this as both good news and bad news. The good news, of course, is that men really want to pay attention to their health. The bad news is they apparently don’t instinctively know how and, like asking for directions, it’s not an intuitive guy thing. Ironically, health care providers such as physicians, dentists and certified diabetes educators are more than happy to provide extensive information to help people stay on track.

ADA Launches Diabetes Information Site for Men

Unfortunately, conversations between men and their health care providers often don’t seem to get very far off the ground when it comes to discussing treatments for diabetes. Hoping to jump-start a more substantive and productive dialog, the ADA premiered a men’s health Web site that provides insights on diabetes monitoring, diets for diabetes and a number of other issues related to controlling blood sugar.

The site groups its content into easily navigated categories covering major diabetes-related considerations:

  • Serious Health Implications
  • Sexual Health
  • Emotional Health
  • Diet and Exercise

Other useful resources on the site include sections on prevention, living with diabetes, weight loss and dealing with common concerns. The ADA plans to add a helpful FAQ section in the near future. The site also offers a men’s health handbook titled The Modern Man’s Guide to Living Well With Diabetes, a publication that can be downloaded in PDF format.