Everyone needs to be alone in certain moments in the everyday life, but certainly we do not think of the cleaning as one of those. The more, the better, we believe. And instead of trying to cope with this task alone, we often invite friends and relatives to help by. In fact, they more than anything make the experience better and more pleasant. But to be honest, they don’t really help you with the work itself. So why do you need them and do you at all? The alone cleaning has been long underestimated, but now more and more people are doing it again and for a reason, a couple of reasons indeed:


No Distractions 


The moment you start vacuuming the carpet and your best friend remembers about a funny situation from the same day. Everybody stops what he’s doing and a minute later you are all gathered around ready to hear the story more than to clean anything in this house.


Your Rules

Just like different people have different way of thinking, they have different cleaning patterns, as well. But we all do believe that the way we do things is the best and try to influence others. When there is no one else cleaning here though, you keep up with your own rules only and thus you are super efficient.



It is psychologically proven that cleaning makes you less stressed. Apparently, sorting out the physical things around you helps you sort out your thoughts and ideas and make you more mentally healthy and less stressed. In addition, you have some time to yourself. To be silent and to stop thinking or to overthink everything that happened to you in the last week. You decide and use it wisely.