Before buying swimwear you should look at yourself to determine the body type you have to find the perfect bathing suits for body types. You can then confidently hit the pool.

One piece suit fits the best for certain body types (We will touch upon the body types a little bit later). In addition, the suit is recommended for women with C or larger cup size as it offers greater support. Owing to the fact that one piece swimsuit covers your butt area and breasts, your curves of that area are going to get emphasized unlikely to your stomach. In fact, your stomach looks flatter thanks to one piece swim.

You should definitely buy one piece swimsuit if you plan to do swim or dive as two piece suits are not suitable for suchlike activities. You can easily lose one of your two pieces or even both when jumping into the water. But an occasional need to adjust your bikini is for sure if you want to avoid experiencing embarrassing situations.

Swimsuits fits the best for apple, pear, round and hour glass shaped women. It is important to determine your body type to emphasize your beauty. Find below each type explained.

  • Apple (apple shaped celebrities – Dolly Parton and Tyra Banks)
  • Top heavy
  • Smaller from the waist down
  • Broad shoulders
  • Relatively large upper body (compared to your bottom)
  • Large breasts or chest
  • Like an upside down triangle (2 corners on the top are shoulders)


You should wear swimsuit with thick straps. In addition, the suit with high neck is going to look good on you. Look for additional support for chest area. Try tankinis. Do not wear low cut tops.

  • Pear (celebrity – Oprah)
  • Smaller on top
  • Larger on bottom (hips and thighs)
  • Tear drop shape
  • Any additional weight shows up around the area of hips and thighs

The perfect swimwear for you relates to shorts or skirt of darker color and a top of lighter color drawing the attention to the upper part of the body thus. You should choose tankinis with tummy control or patterns and prints. Patterns and prints are going to distract the attention from the swimwear while tummy control makes your stomach look flatter. In addition, swimsuit with high cut legs is going to lengthen your body visually.

  • Hour Glass (celebrity – Jessica Simpson)
  • Curvy
  • Well defined waist
  • Proportional hips and breasts
  • When turned sideways, profile of the body resembles S shape
  • The size of top of your clothes matches the size of bottom


You are lucky enough to wear everything you like. Everything just looks good on you. Bikinis are usually the way to go.

  • Athletic/Slim
  • Small frame
  • Little or no curves
  • Small breasts
  • Lower fat percentage compared to the average
  • Your clothes are petite or tall sized


You should choose two piece swimwear of solid color with push up bra. Avoid wearing too detailed swimsuits.

Swim one piece requires curves to fill it out. Therefore, full figured and curvy women can feel lucky, because they make the suits sexy. And they do not need to denude more of their bodies to be sexy. Another option is to choose one piece tankini that tends to be a lot like swim one piece. However, nowadays there is a great variety and host of styles of swim one piece so that every woman can find the one fitting her the best. This type of swimwear is one of the options for tall women, who are looking for their swimsuits long torso. Nowadays, an increasing number of women chooses push up tankini or bandeau tankinis as their perfect swimwear and according to the modest forecasts tankinis are going to invade the beaches sooner than we might think.